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Small Automatic Slapping Machine for Paida Lajin

Paida Lajin: a Unique Self-Healing Method

Paida Lajin is a method of self healing that combines the practices of slapping body areas with stretching tendons. When used together, the meridians in the body are cleared, which allows for a natural resolution of disease. Paida Lajin is not considered to be a medical practice but rather an organic approach to improving health.

How Paida Lajin Works

The Paida Lajin method is based on the connection between the skin and the body’s meridians, which are the internal organs, the limbs and the orifices. When the skin is slapped, it activates these meridians while gathering blood and Qi. The increased circulation of blood pushes the enhanced Qi throughout the body, clearing blockages and reducing the presence of tumors, toxins and waste. During this process, the heart increases in strength and aids the individual in feeling stronger and more confident about their health.

From a medical standpoint, the Paida Lajin method causes the central nervous system to become stimulated, encouraging the lymphatic and immune functions to repair internal damage. This increases the body’s ability to heal itself.

Health Problems That Paija Ladin Treats

Paida Lajin improves the following common health conditions:

Heart disease


High blood pressure

Leg and back pain

Gynecological issues

Prostate issues

Skin eruptions


Many people have found relief from pain and other symptoms of disease by practicing Paida Lajin. Success stories of the Pailala Institute are found in every corner of the world, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, South Africa, India and Europe.

Other Benefits of Paida Lajin

Aside from improved health, strength and confidence, Paida Lajin offers many other benefits:

It does not require a doctor’s approval or presence. A person can do it alone or with supportive friends and family members.

It is very simple. Anyone can learn to do it within a short time.

It is extremely safe. Paida Lajin does not cause harmful or toxic side effects. It will help an individual lose weight and improve their personal appearance.

It is very effective. The practice boosts the body’s ability to heal naturally, which provides motivation to continue with it.

It can be applied to many different health issues. From skin problems to sports injuries to hypertension, Paida Lajin can help.

It is low cost. A person does not have to be wealthy or have the right medical insurance for Paida Lajin. This saves money for both families and countries.

When western medicine is not providing relief of common health problems, Paida Lajin is an excellent alternative that encourages natural healing.

There is an inherent ability in the human body to repair and heal itself through self-healing power. The immune and self-reparatory functions are part of our self-healing power. Paida Lajin is an ancient Chinese method for such self-healing. Practicing Paida Lajin boosts the vital life energy and blood flow, and enhances the self-healing power.

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shamim firoz
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