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About Uwe Diegel and his Infernal Desire Machines

Many people believe that Uwe Diegel is clinically crazy. He was born on a sheep farm in 1965 in Dunedin, New Zealand and grew up in a bucolic environment in the mountains of New Zealand, growing his own cotton, milking pigs and speaking Latin at home, like an average child. He then moved from country to country, every four years, living in Mobile Alabama, Chicoutimi Quebec, and then arriving in South Africa at the age of 16. He was a classical concert pianist until the age of 26. Following a dramatic accident, he partially lost the use of his right arm and recycled himself as a medical researcher and in industrial design.

Over the years, he has been an ice cream manufacturer, a restaurant owner, a manufacturer of medical devices, an expert in antique silverware and an artist. His hobbies include bonsai trees and impersonating Egyptians. He is also listed as the top-grossing male German porn star of 2001.


One of the last great romantics, he moved to Paris in 2002. His biography by Adolf Shickelgrübber, "Night of the Long Salami" has been on the best-sellers list of the New York Times every week since 2004. He has been credited as being single handedly responsible for the breakup of the Eagles, and is the best-selling author of "Erotic Literature for Premature Ejaculators".


For many years, Uwe has been battling with Anatidaephobia,

the fear that somewhere, somehow, a duck is watching you.

The art of Uwe Diegel is profoundly irreverent, possibly irrelevant, but always really fun. Deeply anti-religious, deeply anti-political, deeply anti-vegan, deeply anti-brocoli, deeply anti-anything-he-doesn't-like, he creates devices, products, toys, really weird stuff based on his spur of the moment moods.

And the urban legend about Uwe Diegel crashing a Ferrari naked is simply not true. He was not naked. He was apparently wearing socks on that day...

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